Hacettepe University Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Program started in 2014 – 2015 fall term. Our first students graduated in 2018-2019 Spring semester. The core research areas of the faculty include water resources management; air pollution and control; water and wastewater treatment; solid and hazardous waste management; climate change and greenhouse gas emission control; environmental biotechnology; environmental management; risk management; cleaner production and emerging technologies; and renewable energy resources and clean technologies. The students take must courses and elective courses relevant to their interests on mentioned areas.

The M.Sc and PhD programs aim to provide high level of education for engineers and other scientists from different disciplines in order to develop solutions to environmental problems on global and local scales by using engineering approaches and principles.

After the programs, students will be able to learn to assess economical, regulatory and social aspects of environmental topics and they will acquire the capability to approach environmental problems from a sustainable systems perspective.

The below chart presents the history of the department:


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